In 2019 What’s Old Will Be New!

There will be something “new” at Rural Heritage Days this year.  “Back to the Fifties” is the theme and you can be part of it by displaying your antique(s) from the 1950s. Look for household and farm related items: anything from TVs to tractors. Get your items on the list by registering for free with Tom Loghrin /475-4022 or Larry Bockus /475-8761. Indoor space will be available and there will be security on the grounds both Friday and Saturday night. Bring your items on Friday afternoon and pick them up after 7:00 p.m. Saturday. The winner of best antique will receive two banquet tickets. Tractor production peaked at 564,000 in the US in 1951, Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and microwave ovens were joining the list of kitchen appliances. No doubt, you will make it an interesting collection.

As many of you know, Rural Heritage Days celebrates agricultural history and takes place annually at the corner of Piper Rd. and Hwy. #130 on the Friday and Saturday following Labour Day. All the things you have come to expect will be back. The 87th annual Slate River Plowing Match will be the featured event with practise plowing on Friday and the competition on Saturday. The celebrity plowing class, always a crowd pleaser, is set forafter lunch on Saturday. A full slate of demonstrations will run from harvesting and threshing grain to testing tractor horsepower; the Winslow sawmill is expected to be operational for the first time at this year’s show. Tractor rodeo will again challenge those who are brave enough to come forward. Last year was the longest tractor parade with the largest number of antique tractors to date; might there be even more participants this year?

Mark your calendar for noon, Sept. 6th to dusk, Sept. 7th. Join us for food, music and a visit to our agricultural past.

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