Integrated Pest Management Course for Corn and Soybeans: Thunder Bay, Rainy River & Kenora

Who Needs to Be Certified?
Under O. Reg. 63/09, a corn or soybean farmer must demonstrate the need to use Class 12 pesticides for a farm property before they can purchase and use them.  On or after August 31, 2016, anyone who buys and uses any amount of Class 12 pesticide must:

  • – successfully complete the IPM Course for Corn and Soybeans to become certified,
  • – complete or have completed, and submit a Pest Assessment Report (either Inspection of Soil or Inspection of a Crop),
  • – submit a signed IPM Written Declaration Form that states IPM principles have been considered, and
  • – submit their IPM Certification number and expiry date.

Farmers purchasing Class 12 pesticides need to provide the location and acreage of each application area on which Class 12 Pesticides intend to be used. Anyone using Class 12 pesticides must ensure that they are being used according to the O. Reg. 63/09.

Courses are offered in either a traditional classroom setting or online. Marks and certificates will be mailed to successful participants within 15 business days of course completion.

Classroom Information
Each half-day classroom course is offered in a traditional classroom setting with a trained IPM Course for Corn and Soybean Instructor. These instructors will present course material following the manual using PowerPoint, videos, handouts and will answer your questions to aid in your understanding of the topics. The course topics will highlight IPM principles of corn and soybean pest identification, planting best management practices, the new regulatory requirements regarding Class 12 pesticides and pollinator protection from neonicotinoid exposure. An assessment will be used to evaluate your understanding.

Thunder Bay – Wednesday, March 15, 9:00am
Location: Murillo

Rainy River – Thursday, March 16, 9:00am
Location: Emo

Kenora – Friday, March 17, 9:00am
Location: Dryden

Online Information
The online course requires four hours of commitment over two days. High speed internet, competence with a computer and being a self-directed learner are requirements for success. Evaluation consists of the learning activities and participation in discussions with your classmates and the instructor.

TO REGISTER or for more info: or call 1-866-225-9020.

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