Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Course for Corn and Soybeans

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Course for Corn and Soybeans is currently offered online or in a classroom setting that will be available until August 31, 2016.

Starting on August 31, 2016, successful completion of the course will be required in order to purchase and plant neonicotinoid-treated corn and soybean seed. Following successful completion of the course, farmers will receive a certificate number, which they will need to provide proof that they have successfully completed this training by submitting their certificate number to a sales representative, vendor or custom seed treater.

Farmers are able to take IPM training in a classroom at various locations or online through the University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus. The online course requires four hours of commitment over a two-day period. High speed internet, competence with a computer and being a self-directed learner are requirements for success.

The half-day classroom course is offered in a traditional classroom setting with an instructor and is offered in various locations across Ontario. Instructors will present course material following the manual through PowerPoint, videos, and handouts and will answer questions to aid in understanding of the topics.

IPM training is designed to be flexible, accessible, and convenient and will be delivered free of charge. Register today for the online course or find a course near you at Or to learn more about the neonicotinoid-treated corn and soybean seed regulation, visit

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