Rainy River District Crop Challenge

Rainy River District Crop Challenge aims to provide some fun competition amount the regions farmers to settle once and for all who has the best soybean yield.

To enter, simply plant any variety of soybean in any fashion that you think works the best. At the time of harvest, combine 5 acres (measured and flagged) of your choosing and have your crop measure for yield and test weight by soil and crop association board members with our weigh wagon.

Our goal is promote cash crop farming and spark a competitive nature in growers. the winner will be announced in the Northwest Link and presented with a prize and exclusive bragging rights!

Watch the beans grow throughout the season! We will be visit a few of these sites during the annual crop tour on July 20th. Please register with your local soil and crop association before you start planting. Contest fee is $25.00 and contact any of the following with any questions you may have:  Timo (807) 276-0269, Kim Jo (807) 275-9706 or John (807) 271-3216. Happy growing!

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