TBARS Fall 2016 Update

• With few exceptions, we have completed harvesting of our experimental plots including the mid June seedings.
• Threshing, grain cleaning, recording grain observations, data entry and data analysis is in progress. Some new varieties have given higher yields than the high yielding varieties grown on farms this year!
• We will be able to share the key Research 2016 results with our producers at our Annual Meeting in early December. Stay tuned to the Northwest link for the meeting date and also for the results from the forage crops varieties and nutrient management trials.
• Seeding of winter crops (wheat, rye, triticale, peas, lentils and canola) was completed on time. One of the new things this year’s seeding is Ace 1 Perennial Rye that could be grown for forage or grain for 3-4 years, if not more.
• Fall weed control is almost completed, but the tillage is yet to be done.

TBARS Member Farmers:
• Only one of the two flax growers has harvested flax. He seems to be happy with the outcome; 50 bu/acre seed yield from ~45 acres (cultivar CDC Glas recommended by TBARS). He also had a record barley grain yield of 2.5 MT/acre by growing Synasolis (a variety recommended by TBARS) in ~65 acres. Grain yield of Cardale spring wheat (~175 acres) obtained by the same producer fell short of 2 MT/acre. TBARS had recommended Minnedosa and Prosper that produce higher grain yield than Cardale and even Sable. The challenge often is to source/get seeds of new varieties in time.
• One of the canola producers reported nearly 2 MT canola seed yield from ~40 acres. He had applied liquid dairy manure and soil test based recommended amounts of N, P, K, S and B (in conventional manner) without making any deductions for nutrients contribution from the manure. He felt that Liberty 5440 was a better variety.
• The number of winter rye growers increased from one last year to four this fall (total nearly 250 acres).

TBARS along with its member producers will keep marching on the path of progress and prosperity!

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