Which spring wheat variety should I grow? Dr. Tarlok Singh Sahota CCA

Which spring wheat variety should I grow?


Dr. Tarlok Singh Sahota CCA


This year at LUARS AAC Brandon wheat gave higher grain yield (6.69 MT/ha) than AAC Wheatland VB (5.82 MT/ha); both varieties fall under the category of Canadian Western Red Spring (CWRS). However, in trials in which these varieties were repeatedly tested for three years, AAC Wheatland VB was the top grain yielding (5.12 MT/ha) variety and surpassed AAC Brandon in grain yield (4.93 MT/ha). AAC Wheatland VB also had high grain protein content (17.8 % in 2019). However, both AAC Wheatland and AAC Brandon could be recommended for cultivation on farms.


In a new experiment this year, Rednet another CWRS wheat recorded the highest grain (5.69 MT/ha) and straw (7.01 MT/ha) yields. Whereas, straw yield in AAC Brandon and AAC Wheatland were only 4.53 and 3.92 MT/ha, respectively. Therefore, Rednet too could be recommended for cultivation on farms! A brief information on the three varieties is given as follows:


AAC Wheatland VB: is a semi-dwarf (82 cm height at LUARS) CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein and excellent straw strength (Lodging score zero at LUARS), plus it’s tolerant to the Orange wheat blossom midge. VB stands for varietal blend and it has 10 % Brandon blended with it as a refuge. It is resistant to stripe rust, has low to moderate resistance to Fusarium Head Blight, intermediate resistance to Bunt and Loose Smut and has very high Falling Numbers. Its seed can be procured from SeCan 400 – 300 Terry Fox Dr, Ottawa ON, K2K 0E3, Tel: 613-592-8600, Email: seed@secan.com.


      AAC Brandon: is a semi dwarf (80 cm height at LUARS) CWRS wheat with good

standability (Lodging score zero at LUARS). It is well adapted across western Canada and was

introduced to Ontario for its positive yield, agronomic and grain qualities (excellent quality

protein and holding grade). It is capable of achieving high yields across many types of lands

and climatic conditions. Its seed can be obtained from SeCan; see address under AAC

Wheatland VB.


Rednet: It was developed by Dr. Dean Spanners at the University of Alberta. It is medium maturing, tall (grew to 93 cm at LUARS and was tallest among 14 varieties) but strong strawed, very high yielding CWRS with very good lodging resistance (Lodging score zero at LUARS). It has reportedly a high grain protein content. It has good resistance against stripe, stem, and leaf rusts and has elevated Fusarium Head Blight and DON accumulation resistance. It has very good rating for Falling Number. Its seed can be obtained from SeedNet Inc. Box 1062 Lethbridge, AB T1J 4A2, Tel: 403-715-9771, Email: office@seednet.ca, Or from Stamp Seeds #9 Centre Street, Box 3030 Enchant, Alberta T0K 0V0, Tel: 403 739 2233, Email: greg@stampseeds.com.

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