Board of Directors

The Board Directors of the Thunder Bay Federation of Agriculture is elected by the Membership as part of our Annual General Meetings. We come from a variety of agricultural backgrounds, and have a love for the soil, the animals and farming life. We meet 10 times a year. We are:


President: Janice Groenheide

Secretary: Carolyn Huber

Treasurer: Jenny Groenheide

First Vice-President: Gert Brekveld

Second Vice-President: Henriet DeBruin


Jenny Groenheide
Janice Groenheide
Henriet DeBruin
Mike Visser 
Gert Brekveld
Carolyn Huber
Kathryn Luretig
Arnold Breukelman
Tim Janssens

Ontario Federation of Agriculture Member Services Representative
Brody Marsonet

Ontario Federation of Agriculture Board Member
Bill Groenheide