AT ISSUE: Strengthening Agricultural/Urban Relationships in Our Area

Recently, our city expanded its horizons in how it utilizes locally grown food available in our region. This past September, a partnership between the City of Thunder Bay and Belluz Farms in Slate River helped forge a new way in which we can all help support local agriculture. A group of residents from three Homes for the Aged visited Belluz Farm to better understand how their fresh foods is grown, some of which will now appear on the menus of each location. A few of these fresh foods include carrots, beets, cabbage and onions, which Belluz can now efficiently wash, package and store thanks to new equipment.

Belluz Farms recently received some help from the Greenbelt Fund and Ontario Government, allowing for assistance in this area. Kevin Belluz of Belluz Farms highlighted that their new equipment helps house high-demand crops and assist with the harvest. Because of better storage options, they are able to produce more and serve the community in ways such as providing food for these three Homes for the Aged.

Putting focus on our local growers is important. Farms like Belluz not only rely on this for their income, but support in this area gives back to our community as a whole. Choosing local products and services keeps money within our region through supporting local businesses while lessening environmental impact. Locally grown food is often picked in its prime, ensuring the produce is in a much higher nutrient state. It’s healthier, tastier and provides a sense of satisfaction.

The Thunder Bay Local Food Strategy has been committed to creating a healthy, equitable and sustainable food system within the region of Thunder Bay, assisting our area in local food access, infrastructure, production and more. Through implementing partnerships between local growers like Belluz Farms and our city, the Thunder Bay Local Food Strategy aims to generate long-term strategic relationships that contributes to economical and ecological well-being of the City of Thunder Bay and area.

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