Northern Ontario Farm Drainage Webinar – All Welcome!

Back in December 2016, many expressed interest on a presentation regarding land drainage for farmland. Presenter Ian McDonald (OMAFRA) had touched on this topic in his presentation given at all three NWO Soil and Crop Improvement Association AGMs. Ian, along with Sid Vander Veen and Brad Stephenson have come up with a 2 hour presentation on land drainage particular to Northern Ontario.

This is brought to you by your local Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

Event: Northern Ontario Farm Drainage Webinar, presented by OMAFRA
Date:   Monday, March 20th
Time:  7.30 – 9.30pm EST
Thunder Bay – Rosslyn Hall, Rosslyn
Rainy River – Northridge Funeral Home, Emo
Kenora/Dryden – PACE Office, Dryden

Format:  WebEx


  • Pre Drainage Agronomy
  • Tile Drainage:  What is it? Why do it?
  • Tile Loan Program
  • Agricultural Tile Drainage Licensing
  • Common Law as it Relates to Drainage
  • Drainage Act
  • Maintaining Private Ditches
  • Post Drainage Agronomy

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