Last Minute Tips Dr. Tarlok Singh Sahota CCA

Last Minute Tips

Dr. Tarlok Singh Sahota CCA

1. Don’t apply more than 80 kg N/ha to cereals; 10 kg of which could come from Ammonium Sulphate (that would also supply 12 kg S/ha enough for cereals!), 20-25 kg N/ha from ESN (drill it in the seed row) and the rest from urea. Spray Stratego at tillering to control foliar fungal diseases and Prosaro at 1-3 days of heading for control of Fusarium Head Blight. Give another spray of Proline or Caramba after a week of Prosaro spray especially if the emergence or heading isn’t uniform. A farmer in the valley who has been following these practices has been getting over 2 MT grain yield/acre from wheat and ~3 MT grain yield/acre from barley. Barley and oats have been added to the label of Manipulator, the spray of which could check lodging. These practices will enable you to get clean and stiff straw and better straw yield. And,

2. Don’t apply less than 180 kg N/ha to canola; 30 kg of which should come from Ammonium Sulphate (that will also supply 36 kg S/ha), 50 kg N/ha from ESN and 100 kg N/ha from urea. I will encourage you to experiment with higher rates of N in canola (up to 240 kg N/ha) in a small area. Don’t forget to spray Proline at 25 % flowering (on the main stem) to control Sclerotinia Stem Rot. A valley farmer who left a strip unsprayed last year told me that the canola yield was less in the unsprayed strip than the sprayed area. His overall average canola yield from 200 acres was 1.6 MT/acre. My dream for you guys is to achieve 2 MT/acre canola yield. It is possible! We can do it!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at 807-707-1987 or at

Happy Seeding and Best Wishes for the Season 2020! May you have Bumper Crops!

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