Lime Sources

Optimum pH for availability of most nutrients is in the range of 6.5-7.5. Since wood ash isn’t available in our area, liming is the only option to improve soil pH and productivity of acidic soils (pH below 6.5). Listed below are the sources of lime (information obtained from John Hanna):


  • Graymont Inc. Superior Wisconsin, Terry Spooner, Tel: 715 394-1714
  • Dave Evans Transport, Superior Wisconsin, Bob or Julio, Tel: 715 718-2711
  • Cole International, Thunder Bay customs broker, Helen Rossi, Tel: 807 624-2124


Finer the liming material, quicker is the effect, because surface area with finer material is more than the course material. As a result, the finer liming material is quick to act in the soil. John Hanna has been procuring lime from these sources and have found very good results from application of lime on his farm. You need a soil test report to know how much lime you need to apply in your fields with pH below 6.5! Normally, soil test reports will include recommendations on lime as well. Rates of lime application are recommended at a liming index of 72 %. If the liming index is lower than 72 %, rate of lime application will need to be adjusted upwards. Please feel free to consult me, if need be.

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