Nuffield Canada looking for 2019 scholars by April 30

Nuffield Canada has up to five scholarships of $15,000 each, available for 2019, and the deadline for applicants is April 30, 2018. This is an incredible opportunity for someone involved in agriculture to travel the world, meeting top industry leaders, and getting to see/experience things not normally open to the public. It’s also a chance for them to deeply study an issue of importance to their sector, learn how the issue is being tackled around the globe, and to bring back solutions to Canada, benefiting our industry for the long-term.

At different times during their two year scholarship, they also will interact with other scholars from countries including the US, Britain, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, Brazil, China, India, and various places in Africa. Life-long friendships develop from these gatherings.

In Ontario, there are two scholarships for people to apply for – the Grain Farmers’ of Ontario scholarship is awarded to any involved in Ontario’s grain industry, and the Glacier Farm Media scholarship is open for all general scholars.

Scholars must complete their project within two years of being awarded, producing a written report and presenting their findings to the Nuffield Canada AGM.

Canadian Nuffield Scholars are required to participate in the annual Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC), with scholars from around the globe, held in March.

Application forms and more information can be found at

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