TBARS Opens on March 28, 2016!

We have decided to open the TBARS on March 28, 2016, not only in preparation for the Spring Farm Conference, but also to be ready for seeding all trials on time. While our Intern (Emese Boyko) is already working, Blaine Tomeck has been asked to join on March 28. Due to limited funds, we will have to do without a technician this year too! The staff at TBARS has always aspired to give our farming community more out of less (resources including funds for research).

TBARS will continue with the brown and yellow flax varieties and green pea varieties (new since 2015) trials. Experiments to find out the optimum nutrient requirements of flax have been planned. This is important because flax will be seen on at least 100 acres this year. I have also gathered some new cereal(s) and short duration soybean varieties including some 2 Xtend varieties. This is the first time that Bayer Crop Science and Monsanto has agreed to test few varieties of canola at TBARS on payment basis. Monsanto will be sending two varieties of soybean, too. Experiments will also be conducted to maximize economic seed yield of canola and to find out interacting effects of nitrogen, growth regulators and fungicides.

TBARS will be the first research facility in Canada to test growth regulators in canola. As you may know, TBARS has made many firsts in the past. There is a good news for our dairy and beef producers, too. TBARS will be conducting comparative evaluation of various forage crops (such as cereals, silage corn, Mastergraze corn, sorghum Sudangrass, berseem, peas, cowpeas, fababeans and soybean, depending upon seed availability) for yield and feed quality on one site in one experiment. An angular bidirectional seeding will be compared with conventional unidirectional seeding for establishment of a pasture on a farmer’s field and also at TBARS. We will maintain a demonstration block to showcase high yielding varieties of different crops from previous years, and pulses/and new crops.

What else? Some new products such as JumpStart from Monsanto and Nu-Trax zinc from Compass Minerals may also be tested this year. And, the planning is still going on. Please stay tuned to our updates on the TBFA website and elsewhere.

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