2016 Census of Agriculture

“Agricultural data has been collected in Canada since 1666 and 2016 marks the 22nd Census of Agriculture since Confederation. The census paints a sweeping picture of the agricultural sector. It tracks changes in crops and livestock, as well as the evolution of farming practices and mechanization, from the power of horses to horsepower. Canadian farmers have continually taken advantage of technological advances to more efficiently deliver a wider variety of agricultural products to Canadians and the world.”  (2016 Census of Agriculture, read more here…)

If you are someone who is or has been associated in the field of agriculture, give yourself a pat on the back! YOU are one of the many Canadians who has helped shape the agricultural field to what it is in Canada today! There is no career close to the satisfaction that farmers and agricultural producers feel at the end of a hard days work or season’s end.

Dairy, beef, poultry, pork, crops, vegetables, fruits…. We thank you, Canadian farmers!

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