GreenON Agriculture: New Program from the Green Ontario Fund

GreenON Agriculture is a new program from the Green Ontario Fund,a non-profit provincial agency mandated to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from buildings and the production of goods. GreenON Agriculture is a merit-based cost-share program that specifically aims to support Ontario farm businesses in adopting cleaner technologies and reducing their carbon footprint.

The program is delivered by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) under two separate initiatives: GreenON Agriculture Retrofit and GreenON Agriculture Innovation.

GreenON Agriculture Retrofit:
GreenON Agriculture Retrofit Program supports Ontario farm businesses producing agricultural commodities in permanent, climate-controlled buildings or using grain dryers. To apply, you need to:

• Be an eligible facility that has been in production for at  least one year.

• Have a Farm Business Registration Number OR eligible  exemption for the farm business.

• Have a Valid Premises Identification (PID) Number.

• Have completed Environmental Farm Plan and a verified Action Plan from within the last five years.

• Have completed the Greenhouse Gas Ontario Covered Agriculture Calculator (GO-CALC) for the activity or activities proposed.

For full program details, download the GreenON Agriculture Retrofit Program Guide (

GreenON Agriculture Innovation:
GreenON Agriculture Innovation is focused on the design, development and implementation of new and innovative technologies. (Please refer to the GreenON Agriculture Innovation Program Guide for Producers for more information, which will be coming soon to

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