LUARS is testing some new environment friendly products!

LUARS is testing some new environment friendly products!

Dr. Tarlok Singh Sahota CCA, Director LUARS Thunder Bay

We at the Lakehead University Agricultural Research Station (LUARS) are always on the look out for new products and test these to see if these can be of benefit to our farmers, if these could improve soil health or crop yields and if these could minimize environmental impacts. This season we are testing three new products.

1. Utirsha N: is a nutrient efficiency biostimulant from Corteva Agriscience that provides crops with a unique way to capture nitrogen (N) from the air and provide it directly to the plant without the risk of loss, helping crops reach their full yield potential.

By utilizing Utrisha N in combination with soil nitrogen applications, farmers could get a sustainable alternative source of N that reduces the reliance on soil N uptake, and provides an integrated approach to ensure crops have access to nitrogen throughout the entire season. Since Utirsha N is not applied to the soil there are no chances of losses of N from it to the environment. We are testing Utrisha N in spring wheat at three rates of N application; 0, 45 and 90 kg/ha.

2. Puryield 45-0-0: is a polymer coated urea. Because of its polymer coating, N is released slowly in the soil for uptake by crop plants matching with their N requirements and consequently N losses to the environment are minimal. We are comparing Puryield with other sources of N (urea, ESN and their blends) on canola and will be testing it on winter wheat in the Fall 2023.

3. Holganix 800+: is a mixture of multiple soil organisms that improve soil health. We are testing Holganix 800+ in four spring crops (wheat, barley, canola and soybean).






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